Visual Occlusion Goggles

Visual Attention, Quantified

A powerful solution for quantifying visual demand in nearly any task. The latest generation liquid crystal material meets modern embedded processing. Our Visual Occlusion Goggles allow researchers to precisely control and measure access to vision.

Now you see it, now you don’t.

A Complete Solution

The RedScientific Visual Occlusion Goggles are designed to measure the amount of time that users have access to visual information. Our kit includes everything that researchers need to run a user controlled, or experimentally controlled, visual occlusion study. Lightweight, durable, and shatterproof, our latest generation liquid crystal shutter goggles allow users to focus on the task at hand in complete comfort.

Curved lenses allow for a massive 160° field of view, letting subjects to take in a large environment naturally without "tunnel vision"
A dual-layer lens results in an "opaque" state that can work in almost any conditions without sacrificing transition speed.
A durable control box houses the high speed microcontroller used to control the lenses and can have its firmware quickly and easily updated.
SureClick microswitches give users crisp feedback and allow the VOG to capture extremely precise results.

Cutting Edge Hardware

The RedScientific Visual Occlusion Goggles include everything needed to assess visual attention in the real-world. Our easily replaceable liquid crystal filament provides a flexible solution to meet your research needs now and in the future.

Ships With:

  • Millisecond accurate controller box running an ARM embedded processor.
  • 2 installed lenses, allowing for varied clarity/opacity.
  • Custom designed 3D printed goggles made of high impact ABS plastic with laser-cut triple-layer comfort foam.
  • Military grade protective case for storage and transport.
SureClick microswitches fit comfortably on users' fingers and allow them to quickly and easily report responses.

Powerful API

The Red Scientific Occlusion Goggles adhere to the Hermes Serial Protocol, making controlling the device from any computer a simple task. This, combined with thorough API documentation, allows researchers to tailor our Occlusion Goggles to the specific needs of virtually any study.

Companion Program (Sold Separately)

The VOG Companion program makes everything from device configuration to actually running experimental trials extremely easy. An powerful GUI combined with intuitive output makes this the simplest and fastest way to run experiments using the VOG.