Detection Response Task

Cognitive Demand, Quantified

A groundbreaking new device for measuring cognitive load following ISO 17488. The device leverages decades of research on human multitasking behavior to deliver precise, sensitive, and intuitive results.

A Complete Solution

Our DRT kit provides a complete solution for measuring cognitive load in complex task environments. By taking millisecond accurate measurements of response time at regular intervals, the DRT provides a highly reliable secondary task measure of residual attentional capacity. If you want to measure the cognitive demands of a task, the Red Scientific DRT is your tool.

Comfortable head mounted Red/Green stimulus
An ultra compact and durable controller box easily stays out of the way
SureClick microswitches give users crisp feedback and allow the DRT to capture extremely precise results.
Dual vibro-tactile motors can be used as stimulus in place of LEDs
A remote Red/Green LED can be placed in the environment to provide stimulus from any require vantage point

Cutting Edge Hardware

The DRT hardware has been designed from the bottom up to offer compatibility with a wide variety of use cases. Added comfort and more a more durable structure allows subjects to perform tasks completely unencumbered so as to preserve the naturalness of gathered results.

Ships With:

  • Millisecond accurate controller box running an ARM embedded processor.
  • Head-mounted LED, capable of delivering red or green stimuli.
  • Rubberized Vibrotactile motor harness for discriminatory tactile alerting.
  • 2 micro-finger switches with metal SureClick actuators.
  • Remote-mountable LED, also capable of delivering red or green stimuli.
  • Military grade protective case for storage and transport.

Powerful API

The DRT adheres to the Hermes Serial Protocol, making controlling the device from any computer a simple task. This, combined with thorough API documentation, allows researchers to tailor the DRT to the specific needs of virtually any study. Using the Hermes Terminal Utility makes exploring the capabilities of the DRT even easier.

Companion Program (Sold Separately)

The DRT Companion program makes everything from device configuration to actually running experimental trials extremely easy. The DRT 'remembers' its most recent configuration so you can set it up on one system and easily move to another to run trials.