About Us

Joel Cooper Ph.D

CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Cooper is a research scientist at the University of Utah in the department of Psychology. He has spent the last decade investigating issues in driver distraction, multi-tasking behavior, skill acquisition, and Nonlinear Dynamical Systems. Within the Human Factors and Driving communities, Joel is known as a passionate inventor, entrepreneur, leader, and visionary. Prior to joining Red Scientific, Joel was the Owner of Precision Driving Research where he led numerous public and privately sponsored research projects. When he isn't working, Joel prefers to spend time with his family skiing, climbing, or just poking around in the yard.

Matt Monahan

CTO, Co-Founder

Matthew Monahan is late-term overachieving and over-committed student in computer science at the University of Utah. Ever a glutton for punishment, Matt has been the lead software developer on 4 University sponsored NASA robotics competitions where his team has upset some of the biggest names in the world. Matt is passionate about usable, intuitive software, that works just as a user would expect. Prior to joining Red Scientific Matt worked as a freelance software engineer developing code for scientific instruments. When Matt isn't working he prefers to spend his time playing 'World of Pokemon' where he has a level 512 Pikachu named Fred as well as camping, biking, Jeeping, climbing, and geocaching.